A Sydney man accused of threatening to kill pop star Guy Sebastian has had all charges against him dropped in what his lawyer is calling a “win for the little guy”.

Phillip Richard Hanslow, 66, has been in a long-running dispute with Sebastian over a fence between their homes in Maroubra in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

It was alleged Mr Hanslow threatened to kill the former Australian Idol winner outside their homes on the afternoon of January 23 with the confrontation caught on video.

Mr Hanslow, a retired tradesman, said he was arrested while on the toilet 20 minutes after the alleged incident and charged with one count of intimidation and one count of recklessly destroy/damage property.

Today the Waverley Local Court heard Mr Hanslow agreed to an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO), meaning he cannot contact, approach or harass Sebastian for four months.

The court heard the AVO was accepted without any admissions of the allegations.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Alex Borg said the singer had consented to the charges being dropped.

Outside court, Mr Hanslow said he was glad the incident was behind him.

“I didn’t pick a fight with [Guy Sebastian], he came and approached me,” he said.

“I wish it hadn’t happened the way it has. Maybe next time I should step back and think twice before I act.”

He said he was no longer living next door to Sebastian and had moved to another property he owns.

Mr Hanslow had been representing himself in the matter until he was spotted in court by celebrity lawyer Bryan Wrench.

Mr Wrench took Mr Hanslow’s case on and said having the charges dropped was “a win for the little guy”.

In an earlier court appearance, Sergeant Borg tried to have Sebastian’s evidence suppressed, saying the pop star felt unsafe to come to court because of negative media coverage.

“He’s feeling vilified, he’s the alleged victim of the crime,” Sergeant Borg said.

“What’s been said in the media has portrayed him as a villain.”

Mr Wrench argued Sebastian had not shied away from talking about the matter.

“Mr Sebastian has done four interviews talking about this court case in the media, so it’s a bit hypocritical to say he wants that protection,” Mr Wrench said.

The request for a suppression order was withdrawn.

Original source: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-04-05/guy-sebastian-neighbour-phillip-hanslow-charges-dropped/102192620