The boss of Sydney escort and model Revelle Balmain told her to not “go disappearing on me” the same day she went missing, claiming it was “frequent habit” for her to disappear, a court has heard.

The boss of Sydney escort and model Revelle Balmain said “don’t go disappearing on me” the day she mysteriously went missing almost three decades ago, a court has heard.

Select Companions owner Jane King gave evidence at the NSW Coroner’s Court in Lidcombe on Friday with her former employee, Ms Balmain, the subject of a fresh inquest after she went missing on Saturday, November 5, 1994.

An earlier inquest in 1999 found the model had been killed by a person or persons unknown, although no one has ever been charged over the matter.

When questioned by senior counsel assisting Matthew Johnston SC during her evidence, Ms King was drawn to a conversation she had with Ms Balmain just after midday the day she went missing.

The court heard Ms Balmain owed Select Companions roughly “three to four hundred dollars” with Mr Johnston asking whether there was a “degree of urgency” given it was the missing model’s final shift, and Ms King knowing she was soon going overseas.

However, Ms King detailed their conversation, including Ms Balmain saying she was available for a booking about 10.30pm that night with her then-husband Zoran Stanojevic’s friend.

“It was her last day … I said … it was one of Zoran’s friends and she said ‘yes’,” Ms King said.

“I said ‘okay … well don’t go disappearing on us’ … that’s the last thing I said to her … I think we spoke about the account before I said ‘don’t go disappearing on us’.”

Ms King said unlike other employees, “I didn’t have concerns about Revelle with money” and the “disappearing” comment was to ensure she turned up for the booking.

“A frequent habit of hers [was] to do exactly that (disappear),” she said.

Ms King told the court it was “frustrating” because clients would generally request a certain escort and it was hard to manage replacements.

The court heard earlier in the inquest “new DNA profiles” had been discovered as part of a new investigation into Ms Balmain’s suspected death and police were now exploring “12 lines of inquiry” and had interviewed more than 100 witnesses.

During her evidence earlier in the week, one escort who worked alongside Ms Balmain, said Ms King had become “enraged” after finding out she took a phone number from a client.

Sloane (a pseudonym) said Ms King told her she “betrayed” her before the pair never spoke again.

Ms Balmain’s boyfriend – Piers Fisher-Pollard – gave evidence of how he was unaware of her “double life” and had planned to “spend the whole day and night” together. He went home after an “unusual” headache and it was the last time he ever saw her.

On Thursday, Revelle’s close friend Kate Brentnall gave evidence about trying to alert police to rumours about Ms Balmain’s suspected death, including her being buried on a cotton farm.

During her evidence the following day, she sent out an urgent plea saying “please somebody say something” as she broke down in tears.

Ms Brentnall said her friend was very “vulnerable” and she was taken “advantage of” by men.

She later read out a letter written from Ms Balmain in 1993 which detailed how she was enjoying “being settled” and professed her gratitude and “love” for Ms Brentnall.