He “is the epitome of the lawyer who is prepared to represent his clients without fear or favour” 
– Law Society of NSW spokesperson

“Christopher Murphy…prefers to use the words ‘hard and aggressive’ when describing what sort of lawyer he is – that’s his style”
– Lindsay Simpson, The Sydney Morning Herald

“Mel Gibson, who’s a mate of mine, has been very supportive. The paparazzi once tried to stitch him up but came off second best thanks to a lawyer called Chris Murphy. In March 2018 Mel advised me not to muck around, guilty or not—rape is serious. ‘Your guy might be good, but Murphy’s the best,’ Mel told me. I took his advice. The gregarious Chris Murphy rang me: ‘What are you doing at 5.30am tomorrow?’ ‘Sleeping,’ I said. He told me to be at a particular café in Darlinghurst….”
– John Jarratt, found not guilty of Sexual Assault.

“What Murphy’s did for me was a godsend. Murphy’s was chosen by the people that helped me when I first got an infringement. I met with Bryan and the team and that is the reason why I am here today. Thanks to them I was able to fight my case in court. I can’t thank them enough for what they have done.”
Danny Lim – “Sydney Icon” where the judge held it was not offensive to criticise politicians by way of public protest even when using colourful language. This case set public precedent.

“…I had a big turn around in 2017 when Murphy’s Lawyers Inc. took on my case for a retrial, where I had Murphy’s Lawyers do my appeal in April 2018 and then won my right to retrial…Then the jury came back after three days with ‘Not Guilty for Murder’ and ‘Not Guilty for Manslaughter’. The greatest feeling ever. A free man after six years and five months thanks to Murphy’s Lawyers… There are no words that can explain how much I appreciate what this whole team has done for me. It’s unexplainable but thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you a trillion times. FREEDOM.”
John Safi – Originally convicted of murder. Our office took over the matter on appeal, won the right to a retrial and then a verdict of not guilty for murder.

“I’d just like to thank the judge and Bryan Wrench for representation, just looking forward to putting this behind me and getting back to work.Thanks guys.”
Shannon Noll – After the judge imposed a Section 10 for a possession of prohibited drugs.

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