The detox heiress charged with having sex twice in one day with a 14-year-old boy has hired a celebrity lawyer for her upcoming trial.

Wellness guru Savannah Daisley, 46, has engaged high-profile lawyer to the stars Bryan Wrench ahead of her trial in the NSW District Court in October.

Wrench, who has represented ex-NRL star Sam Burgess and Wolf Creek actor John Jarratt, most recently defended a pensioner in his high-profile fight against music star Guy Sebastian.

Ms Daisley appeared at  Sydney‘s Downing Centre on Monday with Mr Wrench  for pre-trial hearings which included arrangements for the closed court recordings of  several child witnesses.

The celebrity naturopath is facing trial over allegations she twice had sex with a boy who was aged 14 in May 2021.

Savannah Daisley at Sydney’s Downing Centre court on Monday for a pre-trial hearing into two charges of allegedly having sex with a boy, 14, twice in one day

Ms Daisley, 46, has hired celebrity lawyer Bryan Wrench (pictured with her on Monday) to defend her in the upcoming NSW District Court trial she faces in October

The court heard earlier this year that evidence expected to be tendered includes material from a jail cell and data extracted and analysed from two phones.

Police allege Daisley and the 14-year-old drank alcohol before she allegedly had sex with him on two occasions, and that she was highly intoxicated at the time.

Police legally tapped a phone call following the alleged incidents in which Daisley allegedly told the boy to never speak of them again.

Daisley pleaded not guilty to two charges of sex with a child in December last year.

She was granted bail last year after her champion horse breeder father Ross Daisley secured a $100,000 surety.

Savannah Daisley is due to go to trial in the NSW District Court in October on two counts of alleged sex with a 14-year-old

Wellness guru Savannah Daisley continues to run her business while free on bail

She continues to run her celebrity-endorsed business, Smart Cleanse, comprising capsules and powers that, according to the website, promise to detoxify clients’ bodies, eliminate stress, shed kilos, and ‘reverse ageing’.

Clients wanting to lose weight and ‘detox their bodies’ fork out $199.95 for a 14-day starter pack.

Her products sell across Australia after she secured deals with pharmacy giant Priceline in 2018, and with supplement giant Mr Vitamin in 2020.

The self-described naturopath boasts 31,000 followers on Instagram thanks to her two-week detox program and has written two books on wellbeing.

The equestrian heiress must live with her parents in the NSW Southern Highlands, report to police twice a week and submit to drug and alcohol testing to ensure her compliance with her bail conditions.

Daisley is forbidden from being in the company of children unless supervised and cannot contact the alleged victim or any witnesses.

Mr Wrench has become a lawyer to the stars in recent years, with the 35-year-old representing Burgess when he was charged with domestic abuse against the father of his ex-wife Phoebe Burgess, and defending Jarratt against rape charges.

Known for his striking double-breasted suits, Mr Wrench sometimes works pro bono – for free – as he did for Phillip Hanslow, the elderly neighbour accused of intimidating Sebastian over their shared fence , before Mr Wrench stepped in and the charges were withdrawn and dismissed.

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